New England's best ice cream

Okay, okay, so it's not technically ice cream. But we just couldn't leave BerryLine off the list. It could be the pure simplicity of their menu. It could be the fresh toppings. It could be the local pride. Whatever it is, BerryLine has quickly gotten a huge following at its four Boston and Cambridge locations.

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Locations in Harvard Square, Porter Square, Fenway, and Newbury Street,


Cheap Date Ten Deals for $10

Thanks, Uncle Sam. Now that we’re a penny shy of flat broke, mind if we grab a ten-spot? We’ve got a few cheap ways to help ease the pain.

Shake it off with electronica beats from Matters & Dunaway’s album Hightech. Or drown your sorrows with a Black Velvet (a potent mix of XXX Mackeson Stout and cava) at Green Street Grill.

Learn how to cut corners with a copy of How To. Then pay it forward with Karma classes at Karma Yoga Studio on Sunday nights; your $7 donation supports local animal rescue projects.

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