About BerryLine

The Idea...

Like the Red Line, the Green Line, the Orange Line, the Blue Line, and the Silver Line... We're the BerryLine!

BerryLine is locally owned by long time friends, Pok Yang and Matthew Wallace, who first met in 1999 while attending graduate school in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The idea for BerryLine arose in late 2006 and was seriously considered in early 2007 when potential locations were scouted. The initial site in Harvard Square was settled upon in May 2007, though renovations were not completed until September 2007. Numerous renovation and business development plans were made possible by the generous contributions of time and expertise by BerryLine friends.
BerryLine Owners Matt Wallace and Pok Yang

Locally Owned

BerryLine is in no way a franchise and is thus able to provide you with personalized attention, where your ideas can manifest into reality. Please support local business!

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